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Death smirked.
"this should be easy!" she hissed.
"lets just give them slow and painful deaths!" Tigerheart smirked.
they dashed forward.
Laika stood there, trying to command Puppateer.
he wasnt listening.
she dashed forward and changed into a lynx.
she leapt up, and scared right across the eye marking on his face.
Tigerheart sped forward and attacked Index.
she shot at him.
Death turned to a human and ran forward.
she leapt up and attacked with a sword.
some of the people from inside sped out to join in.
Death charged at Index next.
she attacked instantly, slicing off her head.
Index's body fell to the ground.
however, Puppateer just got bigger and hit Tigerheart away easily.
"the fu-" Tigerheart coulnt finish his swear.
he went hurtling into the mansion.
the devil boy ran out, holding a chainsaw in his hands.
he jumped into the air and sliced Puppateer up.
"DIE DIE DIE!" he laughed.
a minute later, puppateer was mush.
the devil boy looked at them.
"where'd Percivial go?" he asked, innocently.
Tigerheart looked disapointed.
"you ruined the fun..." he hissed.
"ah, sorry"
base used- [link]
i changed the gender on the base cause only Devon/devil boy uses a chainsaw.
there was no good meat cleaver bases :P
that was the only stupid point.

Devil boy: :iconikilleditplz:

sorry the chapter is so short, i didnt have enough to write.
new powers, introductions and character next chapter!
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