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these awesome peeps...
so awesome


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this is one of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen on DA. ever. Like oh my god you are probably the best artist in the world, th...

The rise by Trichardsen

so, yeah. my critiques suck, so i'm just gonna do my best :) i almost thought this was a painting!!! the colors are dark and mysterious,...

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i played the Kirby super star ultra game and still not finished it. I think when i beat Marx i was a little bit upset, as he was adorab...


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It was bright. Incredibly bright. In this boring and dark world, it needs more bright and pretty lights like this. The city folk were all screaming, rushing to put out all of the fires. She just kept lighting them, the flames rose high up into the sky in a blinding manner.
It's above one hundred Farenheit
I can't tell if it's day or if it's night
It's burning unbelivably bright
I'm blinded by these flashing lights

She grinned, the fire rising up around her in this city. Gumi burst out laughing, her chest ached.
my lungs are failing from inhaling
all the charcoal from this circle
of the hate and the lies
But she knew that this happiness would go out soon, her fire would stop. She knew that it was no big deal. She'd just keep spreading it all. Her wrath, her hatred, her pain. The pain of those other days...
God, how dare you
It's unfair you
deny, ignite and
close your eyes
But this was different now. She opened her eyes again to look up at all of her fire, spreading rapidly across the city. She didn't really care about all those people who were caught up in the flames like this. She smirked, standing and staring more. A flame burned her arm and she looked at it briefly, her smile disappearing for that moment. Then she started laughing. All these people in this horrible city... She'd burn them all.
You think by now
That I would have learned
Not to play with fire
if I don't wanna get burned
She looked across at someone who was attempting to escape and laughed. They wouldn't ever be able to get away- they should know this by now. Her masterpiece- the burning city- was a trap, set for all these people to die in.
But I'm a pyromaniac
And your veins are full of gas
you're burning higher, higher
I'm storming this wildfire
So she took a few steps towards that person, pushing them into the flames and watching them burn. Gumi laughed at this. If it had been any other way, she wouldn't find it amusing. But the fire... Yes, the fire... It made it all so much better. She grinned and looked about- searching for her next victim. Then she noticed someone standing there, wearing a gas mask. Without seeing their face, she knew immediately who they were. It was terrible to see them here... No... But without them... Gumi smiled again, standing in the center of the flames.
I am immune- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
I'm fire proof- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
Yes, perhaps this was all good. She'd just be able to stay like this for a little while, wouldn't she? That's all she wanted- to stand there and listen to the flames. To watch the flames. The person glanced across at those people who were all on the ground. The person holding a gun.
One look at your face
brings down the human race
to their knees, to their knees
begging please, spare mercy
Gumi moved towards them, a smirk on her face once more. She got down onto the ground.
Then there's somebody
As charred and burnt as me
on their knees, on their knees
begging "more gasoline"
The person looked at her and she thought she heard a snark. But she waited. Then they tossed something towards her. When she looked up, they were gone. Leaving behind a little lighter that gave her a few memories that she rejected pretty much instantly.
my lungs are failing from inhaling
all the charcoal from this circle
of the hate and the lies
She began lighting more things on fire, buildings collapsing and burning down. She burst out laughing once more before realizing that someone was putting out her fires. Her smirk slipped and she went dashing across to them.
God, how dare you
It's unfair you
deny, ignite and
close your eyes
They let out a scream as they burnt, eventually crumpling and dying. She laughed her head off at that moment and looked at her scorched hands.
You think by now
That I would have learned
Not to play with fire
if I don't wanna get burned
That didn't matter to her thought. She pulled her gloves over her hands and tied her jacket around her waist, striding off towards some more people trying to stop her masterpiece that she had taken oh so long to create.
But I'm a pyromaniac
And your veins are full of gas
you're burning higher, higher
I'm storming this wildfire
Gumi let out a loud laugh as they all burned. If she had known that this was so easy, she would've done it so much time ago.
I am immune- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
I'm fire proof- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
She sighed as the fire began to die down a lot more. She looked at the lighter from earlier, thinking.
    It had been quite some time ago, she supposed... And i a bad time... She broke the lighter in her hands and the matches fell out like expected.
Strike a match and watch it burn
You set the world ablaze
But I'm the one that you blame
Fuel the flames and watch me burn
'Cause you have branded me, scorched me
Burnt every inch of me
She stared at the matches before throwing them off into the fire. She needed to hunt down that person, to kill them. To burn them.
Strike a match and watch it burn
I'll set the world ablaze
Since it's this game that you play
Fuel the flames of the pyre
And I will burn higher, burn brighter
fight fire with fire
But, soon, all the fire was gone and she was apprehended. What a load of shit. She had been having the time of her life just then. As she was being dragged by her arms passed somewhere, she noticed a table with alcohol and a candle on it. So she kicked it over, the fire caught her leg as well as the people dragging her off- she struggled free and took out her lighter.
You think by now
That I would have learned
Not to play with fire
if I don't wanna get burned
Then she burned them, she burned them all. Gumi laughed an evil laugh and began to light the street up.
But I'm a pyromaniac
And your veins are full of gas
you're burning higher, higher
I'm storming this wildfire
She rushed through the streets- burning more. It was bright, blinding. She laughed loudly. She loved it, she loved it a lot.
I am immune- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
I'm fire proof- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
She set them all on fire. She killed anyone within her sight. And then she saw that person in the gas mask, staring at her. She cackled and took her lighter again.
I am immune- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
I'm fire proof- WILDFIRE!!
Because of you- WILDFIRE!!
The city went up in a blaze, so did all those people in it. Without any survivors but one girl. A girl who laughed at the deaths of all those people. A girl who wanted to see more burn.
WILDFIRE!! [Songfic Oneshot]
Okay, so WILDFIRE!! is a super awesome song by Circus-P and Crusher-P (Circush whooooooo)
So, of course, I don't own anything included in this very bad songfic.
Just adding, this is my first songfic or something... I dunno.
So, yeah...
She sighed, taking a gun from her pocket and shooting the person who used to be her best friend directly in the head. The girl had been bitten, there was no saving her. Now Rosa ventured through the streets alone, crowbar in one hand and gun in the other.
    Making a bit of noise over here would probably draw a few zombies over to her- but it would give her friends a chance to escape the nearby flat they were hiding in. But she wasn't going to wait for them. They had all agreed to meet up at the train station- so she'd do just that.
    There had been eleven of them at the start. The girls- Rosa, her sister Flora, Lily, Alice and Jess. And the boys- Danny, Ross, Billy, Allan, Thomas and Marc. Before they split up they were down to Rosa, Lily, Danny, Allan and Marc. And now, as far as she knew, it was just her and the three boys left.
    She noticed something lurking in the shadows and dashed down the street, stopping quickly at the stairs down to the underground train station. She checked the darkness then dashed down them, leaping over barriers. She took a few steps inside and waited- the boys had to get there eventually.
    She was right though. After at least ten minutes, Allan showed up. He was bleeding, clutching his arm, and limping. She helped him into the safe spot that she had found and he explained that they were attacked on their way there. Danny had been eaten alive- Marc had been ripped to pieces. Allan had barely escaped.
    "What do we do now?!" He asked.
    "Move your arm." She ordered.
    He paused and then moved it. A fresh bite.
    "...You know what that means." Rosa snapped.
    "No way- you can't!" He backed off slightly.
    "Sorry." She murmured and clubbed his head in with the crowbar.
    Then she walked away, deciding where to go next. Getting out of the city had been her plan from the start- everyone else just wanted to search for survivors. If she followed the tunnel along, she'd eventually hit the outside world. There she'd be able to walk along the bridge and get somewhere safe with ease.
    So Rosa walked over to the tunnel and jumped down, landing on her knees. Her legs ached from running so much today. But she pressed on, walking forward. It was pretty dark down this way but she didn't seem to care- it was all fine.
    Then she heard something as a zombie leaped out from below the train that had crashed just a bit further away from her. She hit it with the crowbar, knocking it backwards for a moment. But it was back at her quickly, clawing and biting. She bashed it's head in and turned. Three more coming at her.
    She backed away slightly and realized there was even more behind her. She was surrounded. But Rosa still had to fight- she still had to survive.
    So she dashed forward, clubbing in ones head. Another grabbed her by the t-shirt and she elbowed it in the nose. She then slammed the crowbar into it's stomach and moved away from it.
    A gap in the zombies' defense had opened and she could make a run for it. And, of course, she did.
    Rosa dashed away like a madwoman, running in the dark as fast as she could. She stumbled and tripped a lot but kept up on her feet, wildly hoping to reach the exit. Then she did it- Rosa was outside of the city and the train station.
    But her excitement disappeared when she saw it was full of zombies- pitiful people that had the same idea as her.
    And Rosa slowly turned to see that there was far too many zombies behind her. She was trapped. 
The Train Station
Okay so I got bored. And zombies.
Always zombies.
Aquarius and Nise by Vivisaurs
Aquarius and Nise
Yay... These two... They have a really weird friendship, idk.
Aquarius was the one that found Nise when he was a kid and has been with him for years.
Nise was some kid that got experemented one and wound up going nuts and killing a load of people. He got into kids a lot and lost body parts. It turned out he was the vessel for a spirit so his body couldn't be destroyed and he had to stitch other parts from other people/corpses onto him. Also he just stitches up any cut he gets so he has a load of those.
Also he has no eyes or whatever. He uses a bunch of ones he finds from corpses. His magic lets him manipulate corpses and body parts so he can do whatever he wants with dead people.
Aquarius is the one that has to help sew body parts onto him because Nise's his responisibility. (According to himself, Cordelia and Airis.)
Aquarius found him when he was about eight and he was missing his arms, legs and eyes so that's how it all began. *war flashbacks*
Aquarius also named Nise and his thought process was pretty much
"This kid has fake eyes. Nise is Japanese for fake. I will call him Nise."
And Nise thought
"This guy is an idiot."
But when Aquarius had to leave (and Nise was about eleven.) he let this family take Nise in. And then he only came back when Nise was turning twenty.

Age: 23
Occupation: Bar tender/chef
Powers: He can control corpses and raise the dead. He mostly just uses his magic to make sure his stitched on body parts work.

Base: Cheers! base
Aquarius sighed and stared at the water. It was shiny. That was all.
    He had been asked by Airis to become a teacher earlier that day but he really couldn't be bothered with all that. It was lame.
    All he really wanted to do then was go to the bar and rant at Nise about how dumb his sisters were. And names. Why names? Aquarius had no idea. He just wanted to rant at someone about something- and Nise was the only smart on who listens.
    "I'm bored." He groaned, lying back on the grass.    
    No one was even there with him, what was the purpose in saying all the out loud? He wondered if someone out there was thinking of him. Airis probably was, that little...
    He stared up at the sky, clouds covered it like a wall. He wanted to stare at the clouds. That's why this town sucked- you never really got to see anything interesting. He was planning on heading back to the city when he remembered a legend of a creature living in the bottomless pond.
    He wanted to see it. To punch it. To defeat it.
    Those goals weren't weird nowadays. He stood up slowly. Maybe he'd agree to becoming a teacher and just be some swimming instructor or something. Whatever he did, it wouldn't really matter. There was no point in thinking about these sort of things. Airis would get him drunk eventually and he'd agree by accident.
    Airis always did that. She was sneaky. Evil. Like a snake or something.
    So he stumbled along the path back the way he came from, wondering what other people were doing at the moment. Probably nothing interesting. The world was bland and boring as it was. Being a teacher would give him something to do until he died. After all, his species only lived up till 5,000 or something. Airis had told him. Perhaps it was 10,000?? He wasn't even sure of that anymore.
    But what if she had lied and they never die?! That would be even worse!
    He blinked.
    "...How the fuck did I get back to the bar!?" He yelled loudly, throwing down his notepad.
    "You okay, Aquarius?" Asked Nise, poking his head out the door.
    "I'm good." Aquarius nodded. "How bout you, Stitchy?"
    "Don't call me that." Nise sighed.
    "Sorry, Ragdoll."
    "Do you want to come into the bar or what?"
    "Too bad. You're still banned."
    "What?!" Aquarius yelled. "How am I banned?!"
    "Remember, last night!?" Nise snapped.
    "Good God, how drunk were you!?" Nise looked horrified. "You broke your leg last night and everything!"
    "Oh, I was wondering when that happened." He looked at his legs. "How weird."
    "...You nearly killed a man because he broke your leg." Nise said.
    "I did?" Aquarius pouted. "Only nearly??"
    "...Aquarius, you are one weird little shit."
    "Why thank you, Nise."
    Nise then closed the bar door. Aquarius pouted and sat down on the ground. He stared up at the cloudy night sky and rain began to drop down onto him.
    "Perfect." He groaned.
    After a little while, his snarky sister- Cordelia- showed up.
    "My, my." She sneered. "Are you still banned from the bar?"
    "Buy me a bottle of beer and I'll love you forever." He said, burying his head in his knees and holding up some money.
    "...Fine." She took the money. "But if Nise gets mad at you because you're drunk again, don't blame me."
    She went inside of the bar and- not too long later- came out, handing him an umbrella and a bottle of beer.
    "Thanks, sis." He took them both, put up the umbrella and opened the beer.
    A few hours passed, a party was starting in the bar. Then he noticed someone go running down a street. A young girl- being chased by five creatures made of darkness.
    Aquarius took another drink of beer and then ran after the girl and the creatures. She was clearly new around there- because she took a turn towards a dead end.
    He ran right up a wall and dropped down, landing in front of her at the dead end. Then he aimed the umbrella at the enemies and handed her the bottle of beer.
    She stared at it. for a moment then looked back up.
    "You leave this lovely lady alone." He said, slightly drunk.
    "Or what, you'll hit us with an umbrella?" One of the creatures sneered.
    "See," He slurred. "I really hate when there's you guys being little dicks. You know? Lurkers like you look real cool but when you talk to one, it's rude and stuff."
    "Well excuuuuuuuuse us." One scoffed.
    "But." He said. "I wanna know why you are chasing this, er, little girl."
    "Hey, I'm not little! I'm eighteen!" The girl yelled.
    "This girl has a bounty on her head, moron." A lurker told him.
    The other lurkers looked surprised by this.
    "Don't lie to me." He snapped. "Why are you hunting down this girl?!"
    They couldn't really think of a reason. Instead, they burst into violence. One of them shot forward at Aquarius, claws out. He slammed the umbrella into it' head hard enough to knock it out. The next came at him even faster- he sent a sudden wave of water forward. It struck the lurker- while he was busy with that one, another one attacked him.
    "Watch out, guy!" Yelled the girl as she shot forward and slammed a baseball bat into the lurker's face.
    She stepped backwards and pressed her hands together, summoning up a load of monsters. Aquarius smirked.
    He found this interesting.
    The two of them took out the lurkers then ran back to the bar. The girl handed him his beer back and he let her stand under the umbrella.
    "Thanks for your help." She smiled. "I'm Skylar."
    "I'm Aquarius." He smiled back.
    "Hey, um, are some pieces of magic blocked out here?" She asked.
    "No, why?" Aquarius said.
    "Right, cause I use teleportation magic..." She explained. "And it wasn't working."
    "That's strange..." Aquarius said, thinking for a moment. "It must be parasites. They'll go away once they get bored of you."
    "I see..." She said. "That's very interesting..."
    "Right." He looked up at the sky briefly.
    "I have to go." She smiled and began to walk away. "See you around, Aquarius!"
    "Right, bye!" He said, noticing an enrollment form sticking out of her back pocket.
    An enrollment form for Airis' school.
    "AIRIS!" He yelled, throwing the doors to the bar open. "I HAVE DECIDED THAT I WANT TO BE A TEACHER!"
    But then he was kicked out by Nise and it turned out Airis wasn't even in the bar.
Aquarius' Boredom
Aaaaand a chapter about Aquarius.

Aquarius Lemaitre:
Age: 2,998 years old
Occupation: Teacher
Family: Two older sisters named Airis and Cordelia.
Powers: Pretty much anything related to water
"I can't sleep..." Said a child. "I'm having bad dreams..."
    "You know that he'll get mad at you if you're still up..." Said the child's older sibling.
    "I can't sleep." Repeated the child.
    "Then go bug someone else about it!"
    The child wearily trudged through into her room, closing the door once more and sitting on the floor. The bad dreams wouldn't go away...
    "Want me to help you?" Asked a voice.
    The child looked up to see a woman with long silver hair standing there. She wore a long black dress and had paper white skin.
    "Who are-!?" The child began.
    "Don't panic." She said quietly. "Or else you'll wake up your parents."
    The child stared up at the woman who gazed out of the window.
    "My name is Cordelia." She said. "Cordelia the dream eater."
    "Dream eater...?" The child repeated.
    "Yes." She nodded. "I get rid of all those bad dreams for you."

"Such a bitter existence." Murmured Cordelia the very next day. "They don't have much to do, do they?"
    "Shut up, I'm busy." Said the bartender, sorting out some empty wine bottles.
    "You truly are boring, you know?" She smiled and rested her head on the counter.
    He ignored her and got back to what he was doing. The bartender was a young man with messy pale pink hair. Patches of his skin were sewn on and he had stitches across his body.
    "Hey, do you want me to eat those dream parasites?" Cordelia asked.
    "If you want." He replied.
    "Have they infected you?"
    "Not yet."
    "I see." She said, standing up. "If those parasites infect me when I eat them, I'll just spread them to you before I die."
    "...Too be honest." He said. "I couldn't care less."
    "Nise, you're too honest." She said.
    Nise looked over at her. He never smiled. He just frowned. Like always.
    "Your face is boring." She said and walked out.
    "Charming." He muttered.
    Cordelia walked along the streets, humming a song. In Dusk City, she would look normal. But  if she was going to pass through the realms into where the humans lived, she would look odd. Instead, he had to walk into the forest of memories and through to Gia town. That place was weird- and Nise's family lived there. They thought she was in a relationship with that bartender. So she was pissed.
    "Maybe I should have bought a drink from Nise..." She smiled to herself. "...But I doubt he would have sold me anything."
    She walked up the street to where where the road stopped and the mud path began. Cordelia began to walk through the calm and quiet forest. There was animals scuttling about in the bushes- not many though.
    She caught sight of a lake and wandered over to it. Apparently, no matter how far you swim down in this lake, you'd never find the bottom of it. She decided that she would push Nise into it sometime to test that theory since he sinks like a brick.
    Cordelia carried on walking through the forest, arriving at the end and seeing a little village. She walked into the center of the village- little black things with horrified looking faces floated about and made a racket. The dream parasites.
    "I have to eat these thing, huh...?" She mumbled, looking at them. "They're pretty much just nightmares. This'll be easy."

"Come back to the school, Cordelia." Airis said.
    "...Huh?" Cordelia blinked and looked at her.
    They were sitting in the bar- a month after she disposed of the parasites. It was a typical night, fist fights and drunken commotion. The only sober ones in the bar were Airis, Nise and Cordelia.
    "I'm getting new students." Airis said. "But we don't have anyone to cover the dream eating skills. You're the most knowledgeable person I know in that department!"
    "You can do it too, can you not?" Cordelia asked.
    "No." Airis shook her head. "I, the Grand Witch, cannot eat dreams but you, my little sister, can. Even if I could, I already have a special class to teach."
    "Ask Aquarius." Cordelia shrugged simply.
    "Aquarius is water based magic." Airis reminded her sister. "Cordelia, please."
    Cordelia had never seen her elder sister so worked up over, well, work. So she thought, perhaps, she could take advantage of this situation. She smirked, resting her chin on her hands, placing her elbows down onto the table and looking at her sister.
    "...I will work at your school," Cordelia said softly. "if you agree to give me a place of high power among the rest of the teachers there."
    "They'll all think I'm picking you as my favorite since you're my little sister..." Airis murmured. "...But they won't know that..."
    Airis looked up. Her green eyes seemed to shine in this light more than ever, giving her an even more unnatural feel to her.
    "Fine." She said.
    "Then we have a deal." Cordelia smiled, standing up. "Oh, and I'll also be dragging Nise with me too."
    And she ran off before her big sister could object, smirking all the way.
Cordelia the Dream Eater
Airis' little sister got a piece of writing... Wooo...

Cordelia Lemaitre:
Age: 3,500 years old
Occupation: Hired Dream Eater/Teacher
Family: Airis- her big sister- and Aquarius- her little brother.
Powers: Can manipulate and eat dreams. Also teleports.
Me and my sister just found Disgaea D2 on our living room table and neither of us knew how it got there omfg
And we are just sitting here, playing it and fangirling.
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